How to Use These Phone Contacts

You Need a Gmail Address

You will need a Gmail address in order to use these contacts. You can get one here if you don't already have one.

If you would prefer to keep these phone contacts isolated from your main phone contacts, you might consider setting up a separate Gmail account, dedicated to calling Congress.

Phone Contact Groups

The phone contacts on this site are organized into the following groups:

  • State  Senators and Representatives for each State  (#varies)
  • House  Representatives plus House and Joint Committees  (469)
  • Senate  Senators plus Senate and Joint Committees  (128)
  • Committees  Senate, House, and Joint (50)
  • Congress  All Congress Members and Committees  (595)

How To Download These Phone Contacts

Download the phone contact files you need from this site onto your desktop.

The file you download will be a google.csv file. Don't open it. It's formatted to display in Gmail, so it won't display well in a spreadsheet program like Excel.

Click the little red triangle next to the "Gmail" header in your Gmail account.

Choose the Contacts screen.

Choose Import from the "More" menu on the Contacts Screen.

You will be asked to choose a file to import. Choose the google.csv file you downloaded onto your desktop.

Refresh your browser if you don't see the contacts after you import them.

The "Restore contacts" option under the "More" tab allows you to reset your contacts to a previous point in time, so you can undo any changes you don't like.

Once these contacts are in Gmail, you can use whatever process you normally use to sync your contacts to your phone.

Outlook Contacts

You can use these contacts in Outlook or another contact program by exporting them from Gmail as an Outlook.csv file or in vCard format through the "export" option under the "More" menu, but they display best in Gmail. They don't map well to other formats because they contain so much information.


If you decide to download all of the Congress contacts, you will be able to perform some pretty powerful searches across all of the records.

For example, if you type two committee names, separated by a comma, into the search bar, Gmail will return a list of all of the members of Congress who are on both committees.

If you want to see the contact records for all of the Republicans on a committee, enter the committee name and the term "Republican", separated by a comma.